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WEBINAR: Navigate the Future of Cloud with iPaaS and More

As more cloud services enter the IT ecosystem, organizations are evolving in their strategies. For example:

  • Using the hybrid cloud to ease the transition from on-premises infrastructure to a combination of cloud and on-premise.
  • Deploying multi-cloud strategies that involve the use of multiple public cloud solutions.
  • Looking to cognitive solutions that enable better business decision-making.
  • Adopting iPaaS solutions to connect applications at scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Each of these approaches carries the common theme of connectivity and integration. No longer does cloud stand alone as the shiny solution on the block, but rather serves as the tie for innovation and evolution. Much like the early days of the Internet or mobile technology, organizations want to connect experiences and innovations to add even greater value while customizing each solution to the needs of specific customers.

The Rise of the Custom Cloud

I remember the early days of having my own smartphone. There was an application for practically everything, including looking up at the constellations in the sky. Essentially, I could customize my mobile experience to serve my hobbies, career needs, and social life, and my phone was mine.

Cloud computing is heading down a similar path as organizations discover the vendors available to them. With services serving the needs of data storage, networking, web content, development, and so much more, the consumerization of IT carries similar characteristics like a restaurant buffet. In the end, everyone’s plate looks different, and everyone is happy with their custom-defined product.

Join Perficient

As the industry moves in this direction, we are ready to take on the associated challenges and customer interests. Join us on July 20 as we explore how organizations such as yours can navigate the future of cloud to continue to fuel innovation, delight customers, and drive bottom line results. We’ll be speaking with Perficient’s own thought leaders to dissect what matters and what doesn’t in a noisy world. RSVP here.

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