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5 Keys to Intranet Adoption

If you build an intranet, they will come.
You’ve done everything right when building your company’s new intranet: You’ve delivered on time and under budget. It has all the right content.
But no one is using it. How do you make sure that your investment in your company’s intranet is worth it? Here are some tips for encouraging intranet adoption among your employees:

  1. Branding – Your brand is not just the external face of your company. Your employees also recognize your brand and feel a connection with it. Make sure your intranet reflects your brand identity with color scheming, iconography, and more to strengthen that connection.Mobile phone and laptop
  2. Usability – If your intranet content isn’t organized correctly or users can’t find what they need with the fewest clicks possible, they’ll give up pretty easily. Spend some time mapping out your ideal user experience before you even start building your intranet. Ask for feedback from employees along the way, and continue making tweaks to improve the experience.
  3. Mobility – More than ever, employees are on the go. This doesn’t mean replicating the same desktop environment on mobile devices to make your intranet “mobile-friendly.” Your intranet should be accessible and offer quality experiences whether users are in the office at their desktop or traveling with their mobile devices.
  4. Connections – Facilitate conversations and connections between users by providing integrated social capabilities such as feeds, comments, and sharing. Your users should be able to engage with content and with each other. The more your users feel ownership over their connections, they more they will participate.
  5. Contextual Intelligence – Leverage your employees’ context and behavior to facilitate relevant user experiences. If they like and share one article, suggest a similar piece of content. Recognize their location and provide relevant news. Make them feel like the intranet was built just for them.

These are only a few ideas for increasing intranet adoption. Rise, Perficient’s Intranet-as-a-Service platform, can help increase the value of your intranet while providing quick, cost-effective deployments and flexible architecture.
Learn more in our latest guide: Accelerate Your SharePoint Intranet with Rise.

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Jane Louis, Microsoft Marketing Manager

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