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Healthcare APIs: Digitally Transforming Care


Changing regulations, technology advancements, and rising customer expectations are pushing healthcare to digitally transform in order to meet new demands and achieve the Triple Aim. Healthcare organizations that understand the importance of realigning technology and business models to more effectively digitally engage patients will be positioned to thrive in the new healthcare ecosystem. One of the key drivers of digital transformation are application programming interfaces (APIs), and healthcare organizations can leverage them to accelerate innovation and adapt to continual change.

An API allows an application to communicate with other applications. APIs unlock core data and business processes to improve user experience, drive efficiency, and scale through reuse and simplification. Outside of healthcare, APIs are ubiquitous. Leading organizations across industries have realized the critical importance of using open APIs to expand the reach of their organizations. Standardized APIs in healthcare would have a significant impact on the quality and cost of care, patient experience, and pace of innovation. If APIs in healthcare were commonplace:

  • Patients would have easier, efficient access to their own data, helping them understand their own health and make more informed choices
  • Health plans and providers would have a complete view of their patient data and would be empowered to better care for the individuals and populations they serve
  • Providers would be empowered by innovative user interfaces and analytics platforms to support clinical decision making
  • Researchers could have easier access to clinical and claims data to identify trends and create a better experience for individuals participating in research studies

In our latest guide, Digitally Transforming Healthcare with APIs, we take a look at 5 of the biggest healthcare challenges that APIs can help solve. Fill out the form below to get the complimentary guide!

Perficient was recently recognized for our leadership in delivering API strategy and implementation by Forrester. We specializes in delivering strategic business and technology services to healthcare clients, including plans, providers, medical device companies, academic and clinical research organizations, and many others across the healthcare and life sciences industries.

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