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Top Trends to Watch in B2B Commerce: Part 4

Today’s B2B commerce transactions need to be streamlined, providing an experience that’s quick, reliable and efficient to satisfy changing buyer expectations. However, the customer experience on your eCommerce site depends heavily on your platform and how it integrates with all of your other systems.
An optimized, personalized B2B buying experience that provides an environment for self-service is what your customers want. So how do you bring this to life?

Trend #4: Integrate eCommerce with Backend Systems Using APIs

To create the streamlined experience that your customers expect, you need to easily integrate your B2B commerce platform with several external systems, including:

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Product information management (PIM)
  • System of record

All of these systems store relevant customer data, which must be accurate and readily available at the moment your customer needs it.
We have helped clients overcome the integration hurdle by creating custom, re-usable modules that integrate Magento Enterprise with ERP, PIM, and other enterprise systems (i.e., SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Heiler, NetSuite, and Epicor. With these APIs, our clients have greatly accelerated their time to market.
How can Magento simplify integration of your systems? Learn more in our latest guide.
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