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Fusion Expenses R11 – Booking Trips with Ease

Booking trips through the Oracle Internet Expenses is a quick and efficient process for just about anyone that uses it. Oracle has partnered with the GetThere travel booking partner to ensure that users have a simplified experience. When companies purchase this feature, they inform the implementation team of the travel agency or site they prefer so the team can manage the rules and policies as needed. Configuring the travel booking piece of OIE is simple and has just five requirements… How much simpler can it be?

When setting up a travel partner or booking site, there are only three requirements in the setup process: itinerary import, booking sites and booking site links. For implementation of itinerary import, there are only a few steps that must be performed to activate this feature, including itinerary validation rules. Creating booking sites is important because this is what allows the users to navigate to the booking site from the Expenses work area. And finally, the booking site links are what allow access to the booking sites. These can be site-specific and should be assigned to the employees or groups that have been assigned the necessary Expenses roles.

With Release 11, the new layout of the Expenses work area includes Infotiles for different items, and one of these tiles is the Trips Infotile. This is simple to read because there are only two actionable items: “Booked” and “Canceled” trips. Simply clicking the desired link in the Infotile will take the user directly to that page to view details of the trips listed.

All in all, booking trips through Oracle Internet Expenses has never been more intuitive and user-friendly. The ability to book business trips through the simplified work area makes it one of the best features of the entire application. Itinerary import is a great feature within a great feature! Hopefully clients can understand the value that OIE can offer and will consider making the change.

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