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Pfizer Says “Yes” To Oracle


Very good news out of Oracle this week. After a thorough review of solutions on the market, Pfizer chose to implement what can essentially be seen as Oracle’s complete suite of clinical and drug safety applications. This doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise, since the pharma company has been a long-time user of Oracle’s legacy clinical trial software. However, the news reiterates the muscle Oracle continues to flex in life sciences.

Some of the Oracle Health Sciences applications Pfizer has adopted:

  • Oracle Health Sciences InForm
  • Oracle Siebel Clinical Trial Management System (Siebel CTMS)
  • Oracle Health Sciences Clinical Development Analytics (CDA)
  • Oracle Health Sciences Data Management Workbench (DMW)

If you’re a sponsor or CRO interested in any of these applications, we’d be happy to discuss our implementation and integration experience with them.

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Eugene Sefanov

Director, Industry and Regional Marketing

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