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How to Install Coveo for Sitecore


How to Install Coveo for Sitecore

I feel like I can follow directions well. But I just can’t seem to make it through the instructions provided by Coveo for installing in Sitecore. So here are my notes for installing Coveo into an existing Sitecore instance.
Step 1: Download Coveo for Sitecore

Step 2: Create an admin user for Coveo on your computer

  • Open Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools
  • Open Computer Management
  • Go to Local users and groups -> Users
  • Right click -> New User
  • Name: Coveo
  • Full Name: Coveo Search
  • Password: search (use something more secure in a production environment)
  • Uncheck user much change password at next login & account disabled
  • Check user cannot change & password never expires
  • Make the user a member of Administrators and Users

Step 3: Install Coveo Enterprise Search

  • You cannot run the installer from a network drive
  • Let it install any necessary files
  • Agree to terms
  • Choose typical Installation
  • Configure Account for Access
    • Use the user account created in step 2
  • Do not change config for other options
    • Secure access not necessary for a local instance
    • Take note if you change the RabbitMQ username:password, you will need these during the sitecore package install
  • Allow Firewall Access if prompted

Step 4: Install Coveo Search API

  • You cannot run the installer from a network drive
  • Check the box for part of a sitecore instance
  • Generate a secret key & save to a txt file

Step 5: Make sure Coveo services are running

  • View Local Services
  • Start all Coveo services

Step 6: Restart IIS

  • This may not be necessary. But it makes sure the localhost:8080 and localhost/AdminService are working correctly.

Step 7: Verify Admin Service

Step 8: Verify RabbitMQ

Step 9: Verify Coveo Search API

  • Go to http://localhost:8080
    • You should get a message the search page is not configured yet

Step 10: Verify Coveo Admin Tool

  • Go to http://localhost:8081
    • You should see the coveo admin tool

Step 11: Install Coveo for Sitecore (sitecore package)

  • Open Sitecore Desktop -> Developer Tools -> Installation Wizard
  • Upload Sitecore package and Install
  • Follow wizard prompts
    • Coveo is on the same server as the sitecore instance
    • Coveo Index Path: c:\CES7 (create this folder if it does not exist)
    • Search API Url: http://localhost:8080/
    • Application Secret: (the secret key created in step 4)
    • Configure RabbitMQ: (leave defaults or enter credentials used in step 3)
    • Admin Service URI: http://localhost/AdminService
    • Username and Password: (for the coveo admin account created in step 2)
    • Sitecore license: Copy and paste your license file contents
    • Rename Coveo files /websiteroot/Website/App_Config/Includes/
      • Coveo.SearchProvider.config.example to Coveo.SearchProvider.config.
      • Coveo.SearchProvider.Rest.config.example to Coveo.SearchProvider.Rest.config.
      • Coveo.UI.Controls.config.example to Coveo.UI.Controls.config
    • Restart Sitecore client and server.

Step 12: Check Coveo Diagnostics

  • Open Sitecore Control Panel -> Coveo Diagnostic Page
  • All components should have a green light and message “up and running”
    • Coveo Search REST Endpoint can have a red X and an error and the site will still function correctly

Step 13: Index content

  • Open the CES Console
  • Make sure it says you are connected to localhost/default/52800
  • In sitecore -> content editor -> developer tab -> rebuild index
    • coveo_master
    • coveo_web
  • You should see index details scrolling in the CES Console


  • The admin service isn’t running
    • Restart from local services
  • The admin service won’t stay running
    • Restart the computer
    • Verify you can view http://localhost/adminservice correctly
      • If not, there is likely an error with the config and the username password for the Coveo user account
      • Reinstall the Coveo for Sitecore package and reenter correct credentials
  • Admin Service error – cannot find security provider
    • Something in the install process did not go correct.
    • Go to http://localhost:8081 and create the provider
      • The provider is found by name. The name is shown in the error message. Should be similar to “Sitecore Security Provider for <computername>-<sitename>” (ie
      • Go to the configuration tab
      • Create a User Identity “Sitecore Admin for <computername>-<sitename>”
      • Set sitecore admin username and password (sitecore\admin:b are the defaults)
      • Check the box for basic authentication
      • Create a security provider “Sitecore Security Provider for <computername>-<sitename>”
      • Security Provider Type: Sitecore2
      • User Identity: Select the user created above
      • Active Directory Security Provider: Active Directory
      • Sitecore Server Url: <http://pathtoyourlocalinstance>
      • Parameters: Add Parameter TargetSite:website
  • RabbitMQ
    • Likely the username/password are not correct
    • Update the config
      • Open Sitecore Control Panel -> Coveo -> Configuration
      • Configure Indexing Queue Connection
      • Enter the correct URI (The default is ampq://localhost:5682)
      • Enter correct username:password
    • If you don’t remember the username:password that you used during install, reinstall Coveo Enterprise Search

For full official installation guide, visit

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