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Sitecore Lucene Info Stream Logs

One of our CD servers started generating a bunch of large Lucene log files that chewed up all of the available disk space. This occurred out of the blue and actually brought the CD server down to a halt.
I’m familiar with all of the Sitecore log files that live in the \Data\logs, but these were new to me. The file names were LuceneInfoStreamLog.xxxxx, which I haven’t seen before and on the CD server the sizes were very large. The screenshot below is from a local instance while testing out the resolution.
Sitecore comes with a config call ‘Sitecore.ContentSearch.VerboseLogging.config’ that has the ‘.example’ extension by default. This file is probably helpful for debugging search issues, but when it’s enabled accidentally, it can bloat up the logs.
Disabling this config file prevented the extra logs from generating.
Now onto tracking down how it got enabled.
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