Why Consumers Aren’t Satisfied with the Digital Experience

Did you know that 45% of consumers are less than satisfied with their experience on digital channels?
What’s lurking behind this customer experience issue? There are a number of reasons, and data fragmentation is among them.
Consider for a moment at how fast data is growing each day. Worldwide digital data grows exponentially, and it’s expected to double every two years. What’s surprising is that only 0.5% of it is ever analyzed.
The profound volume and types of data created is a blessing and a curse for marketers. There’s an opportunity to harness this information, using it to make data-driven business decisions and providing more personalized experiences.
Data silos are among the top obstacles for marketers – where data lives and how it integrates with other systems so it can be accessed and used by the people who need it.
Other challenges involve technology and people. Many organizations lack the right analytics tools and people with the right skills or training that can turn data into insights.
How do you overcome this? And more importantly, how can you improve the 45% of consumers who aren’t satisfied with their experience?
When you employ a digital marketing platform like Adobe Marketing Cloud, you will be able to track, analyze, and report on customers’ activities across digital marketing channels – not just what happens on your website.
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