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Top Trends to Watch in B2B Commerce: Part 1

Over the last two decades, online shopping has seeped into our daily lives. Our favorite retailers and brands continue to make this experience easier and more convenient with options to shop on our mobile devices.
When imagining the ultimate online experience, pure-play retailers like Amazon come to mind. This company has revolutionized B2C commerce, but it’s also using its sizable momentum to double down in the B2B market. This shift is causing B2B sellers to rethink their marketing and sales strategies and corresponding core investments around customer engagement and commerce infrastructures.
So which key trends do B2B sellers need to watch and adapt for their business? This four-part blog series will provide some guidance.

Trend #1: Optimize the B2B Experience to Match B2C Expectations

By 2020, B2B eCommerce sales are estimated to reach $1 trillion globally. That’s a tremendous opportunity!
Among the top trends B2B companies need to deliver, the first is creating an experience similar to that of Amazon and other top online retailers. B2B buyers want websites that provide quick and accurate search coupled with guided selling.

53% of B2B buyers spend more time using social media to research vendors and solutions

Buyers are accustomed to price and inventory transparency, extensive product information within product catalogs and on social networks, and the convenience of shopping via desktop or mobile device. Additionally, customers want to do their homework by reading reviews from other buyers in their same demographic.
How can you step up the experience for your customers? Learn more in our latest guide.

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