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Customer expectations are rising and creating new service challenges for companies to retain and grow their business. One key to keeping up with new and changing demands is the ability to rapidly deliver new applications and functionality for your customer base. However, “new applications” and “rapidly” can often sound like an oxymoron.

Low-code development platforms enable faster application development, which helps not only satisfy customers but also beat others to market with innovative products. As these platforms evolve and improve, development time is being cut from months to weeks or even days, achieving new business applications with minimal upfront investment.

Appian - Turbocharge Business Operations with Human-Centric DPA
Turbocharge Business Operations with Human-Centric DPA

Discover the similarities and differences between custom and generic DPA solutions, the characteristics of a modern human-centric DPA solution, and our solution to managing high volume, high efficiency DPA challenges.

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Forrester recently Forrester low code quoteanalyzed 14 of the main vendors of low-code development platforms, scoring them across 26 criteria. They found that the biggest priorities for AD&D professionals in the selection of their development platform were:

  1. A wide range of built-in tooling
  2. Support for modern development methodologies
  3. Free initial access to try out the platform

Appian led the pack with its low-code platform, standing apart due to its extensive collection of tools built around developer needs and its robust partner network. With features like mobile development and cloud deployment, Appian can be used for a variety of projects and functionalities. The platform’s use cases also extend across a wide range of industries, from automating underwriting processes in the insurance industry to improving clinical research in life sciences.

Rapidly releasing new apps and features is one aspect of staying competitive and digitally transforming your organization. With low-code development tools like Appian, you can quickly deliver what your customers want across the channels they use, all while expending fewer internal resources.

In the life sciences industry? Register now for our upcoming webinar to learn how Appian and low-code development can be applied in life sciences to automate key processes while maintaining compliance.


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