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Canada lags behind U.S. in digital transformation, study finds

Many U.S. businesses still have miles to go on their digital transformation journeys, but Canadian businesses appear to lag even further behind.

According to research by International Data Corp., just over 2 percent of Canadian businesses surveyed on digital transformation readiness considered themselves “digital disruptors” – aggressively exploiting digital technologies and innovating to create new business models. More than 60 percent were “digital resisters” struggling to define their transformation or “digital explorers” trying to address disconnected IT processes or initiatives.

The findings are part of a recent IDC MaturityScape Benchmark that targeted Canadian businesses. The benchmark surveyed 203 organizations with 500 or more employees.

By comparison, a 2015 benchmark study of U.S. companies found 8 percent classifying themselves as digital disruptors and 46 percent as digital resisters or digital explorers.

Tony Olvet, a vice president of research at IDC, said the Canadian findings suggest those businesses are lagging behind not just their neighbors to the south, but also behind global peers in terms of investing in digital transformation and taking the steps necessary to advance their positions.

“The notion of digital transformation is now pervasive in business. While digital technologies originated decades ago, what we’re seeing today is profound, impacting every sector and function,” Olvet said in a news release about the findings. “Organizations that are bold in initiating change and following a path to transform will position themselves for success in the digital economy.”

IDC harbors optimism about Canada’s digital future, he said, provided the business climate finds ways to grow and develop organizational leaders who have a wide-ranging vision for transformation and a deep appreciation for the strategy it requires.

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