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IBM Amplify 2016: Experiential commerce takes center stage

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Another hot topic at the IBM Amplify 2016 Conference is experiential commerce.  This really focuses on the customer’s experience during their engagement with your brand.  The Color Run is a 5k running event that has become the largest event series in the world.  The “experience” during the run is what the runners are after and not winning the race.

Kareem Yusuf is the VP of Commerce.  He spoke about how IBM is investing in Cognitive systems to provide value to IBM customers.  IBM knows that marketers and merchandisers are jumping in and out of many tools through out the day.  By adding cognitive capabilities to their tools, IBM is offering real-time personalization across their products.  When you need to create a personalization rule, the cognitive system can offer suggestions or advice on which rules might be correct for you.  Data is then collected and the cognitive system analyzes how your rules work and offers further refinements.

Commerce Insights uses Intelligent Sequence to tailor dynamic content in a product list based on several data points.  As sales change, intelligent sequencing places the right products at the top of the list.

Anomaly detection is another feature of Commerce Insights.  Here the cognitive system looks for anomalies and provides you advice on how to react.  For example, if the system detects a drop in sales in a product, its analysis might suggest that your price is high compared to your competitors.

Performance Bicycle uses IBM Commerce, IBM Digital Experience and other IBM products to provide a multi-channel experience.  Performance Bicycle is now using cognitive computing to bring together multiple sources of content into an intelligent content hub.  Watson then organizes the content, tags it correctly, detects the tone and personality insights.  This alleviates the manual effort to tag this content.  Then marketers can ensure that the correct content is being delivered at the right point in the customer journey.  Performance Bicycle is also using natural language search in their sites to create a better experience for their riders.

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