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Final Rendering Deleted After Item Update

I recently had an issue with the Final Renderings being deleted from my pages after I updated a component in the Experience Editor. After a lot of Googling and working with Sitecore Suppport, we found a solution that resolved the issue for us. This specific resolution was not available in any of the posts that I saw, so I thought I would share just in case it helps someone else.
The Issue:
After updating any field on a page and saving, I was getting the Layout not found error. I checked the Presentation Details and the Shared values were still there, but Final was completely empty.
The FIX:
Update the ‘Reset Blank’ checkbox to checked, on the item /sitecore/templates/System/Templates/Sections/Layout/Layouts/__Final Renderings.
After checking this magical checkbox, I was unable to duplicate the issue that was causing our Final Renderings from being removed.
Hope this helps!

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