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OIE MobileApp – Submitting Expense Reports Has Never Been Easier

The Fusion Oracle Internet Expenses Mobile App has quickly become the most popular aspect of implementing the OIE application. Not only do the users find it to be intuitive and user-friendly, but those that implement the mobile app find it to be a bit of a change of pace, meaning it can actually be fun to test the different aspects of expense reports. Crazy, right? I think one of the reasons for that is due to the popularity of using our smartphones for everything – we have grown accustomed to using our phones for everything from social media (i.e. Twitter), using our web browsers as a reference for just about anything (i.e. Wikipedia), to using them as electronic credit cards (i.e. Apple Pay). Not only does this enable users to gain interest in the use of the app, but it makes life much easier for all who do use it.

There are several functionalities available in the mobile app, such as mileage tracking, uploading expense items to the Fusion online instance, submitting expense reports straight from your phone, and viewing the history of all expense reports. The home page has the look and feel similar to that of the iPhone home screen, as you can see here:


For those that travel often, this could be a major time saver for you because instead of spending several hours uploading receipts and creating reports on your computer, you now have the ability to upload receipts and receipt details as you get them. Probably one of the coolest features available (and probably the most popular) is that of the Voice entry option. Simply click the Voice icon, speak into the phone the merchant name or expense type (i.e. hotel) with the dollar amount and an expense entry is created for you.


Yes – it’s THAT easy! It’s basically like talking to Siri, except the app doesn’t argue with you and you have the sense of accomplishment of finishing an expense report BEFORE it’s too late. What a concept, huh? 🙂 In essence, it seems like Oracle has performed a miracle by creating something so intuitive and simple to use for all OIE users.

Now that I’ve caught your interest in regards to the wonderful benefits of using the OIE Mobile App, come back next week to see what great features have been added/updated for R11.

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