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Data, Data Everywhere: Thoughts about the Livefyre Acquisition

When Adobe announced the acquisition of Livefyre this week, I thought about how this move plays into the Experience Era touted by Adobe during Summit 2016.
If you’re not 100% familiar with Livefyre, here’s a quick overview – this social media content platform allows companies to search and gather user generated content from Twitter, Instagram and other networks to not only monitor customer sentiment but also engage and monetize this content.
Integrating these capabilities with Adobe Experience Manager will empower brands and advertisers with the meaningful data that will help them create more personalized customer experiences.
And when you think about taking customer generated data and how you could sync it with all data from Adobe Marketing Cloud Co-op, the possibilities and opportunities are endless. Not only will you have information about customer behaviors across devices but you’ll also have insight into what excites them (or on the flip side, what’s off-putting.)
It will be exciting to watch this strategic play unfold. Stay tuned for a follow up as Adobe is sure to reveal more in the weeks to come.

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Stephanie Gallina, Senior Manager, Microsoft + CXC Partner Marketing

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