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5 Reasons to Check out the Liferay Digital Experience Platform Today

Digital transformation now affects the entire enterprise, requiring interconnectivity between sales, marketing, support, and service teams to create liferayoptimized customer experiences. Business leaders are not only faced with the challenges of increasing revenue and building the best product but also communicating the right messages to the market.

I returned a few weeks ago from the annual Liferay partner conference with the imminent announcement of Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP), which you can read about here. I mentioned that the updated enterprise experience would offer an ecosystem of experiences enabling better customer management, visibility, and preparations for business changes, all changes that should concern business, operations, and marketing leaders.

Today, Liferay DXP officially hits the market and is available to all interested here. Offering an all-in-one digital experience platform, omnichannel experience, and customer relationship insight, the updated software promises to transform organizational marketing activities. Here are 5 reasons we believe it should be a platform of consideration for organizations considering technology refreshes.

1. Single, consolidated platform: The marketing technology landscape is vast, with hundreds of technologies covering everything from advertising technology to analytics to social media and enough to bring any savvy marketing executive to their knees. Marketing requires focus for the best outcomes, and Liferay is committed to creating that experience.

2. Integration and customization: With consolidated platforms also comes integration and customization features. Liferay DXP now provides the ability to connect systems and create new services quickly, adding more power to an already formidable platform solution.

3. Merging business and marketing: Liferay DXP now supports customer campaigns, retention, loyalty, and digital transformation, key business priorities in an increasingly noisy world. Users can now easily measure the cost of customer acquisition, develop strategies to maintain customer interest, and remain top-of-mind around new product updates, customer support, and much more.

4. An emphasis on data: Liferay believes in protecting user data and has added such safeguards to the new platform. For engaging with customers, Liferay has also added components allowing administrators to gather user touchpoint data all from a single view to create better outcomes. With big data being so key to business success, this was a must-have.

5. Easy for development to use: Finally, Liferay built DXP with developers in mind, offering a microservices architecture granting modularity benefits without DevOps complexity. Furthermore, the platform is also built on a secure Java platform that connects with front-end frameworks.

With these great additions, we believe that Liferay is primed to transform customer-oriented platforms. Check out their website to learn more about their vision for the future.

Learn more about our Perficient partnership here.

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