Perficient Consultant Takes 6th Team to FIRST Robotics Finals
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Perficient Consultant Takes 6th Team to FIRST Robotics Finals

Perficient Lead Technical Consultant Adam Bryant traveled from his home state of Colorado to St. Louis, MO, this week for his sixth trip to the annual FIRST Robotics Competition.
Even before the finals, Bryant, who has coached hundreds of high school students through FIRST for 12 years, says his students had a big win. During the regional competition, another robot bumped into theirs, causing the need for repairs. The students elbowed him out of the way to fix their robot themselves.
“To me, that was the biggest win at the competition,” Adam told a group of colleagues at our St. Louis office today. He stopped by to share his experiences and talk about why he looks forward to the competitions every year.
“The No. 1 thing you have to know about the robotics competition is it’s not about the robot,” he said.
For Adam, it’s about instilling a confidence in science and engineering and showing students that someone believes in them. (Read more about Adam’s inspirations here.)
FIRST is an international high school robotics competition that gives students real-world engineering experience. Adam’s annual mentorship typically involves working with several teams of roughly 25 students to design and build a robot from scratch in six weeks.
In our video profile below, Adam talks about FIRST training, much of which is a direct extension of the type of work he does for Perficient, and the most rewarding part of it.

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