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What’s in Your Marketing Wallet?

The marketer’s tool box is big and growing even larger each year. We have all heard the Capital One  “What’s in your Wallet?” commercial.  The implication is that this credit card is the one and only card you need.  During a presentation, it was mentioned that, on average, a marketer uses at least seven marketing platforms or tools –  and I was asked what’s in my marketing wallet? If I quickly list off the ones I use, from email marketing and the basic design tools to web content, CRM and analytics tools, I listed up to 15 or 20 tools that we use regularly.

2016 Marketing Technology Landscape courtesy of

As you can see from the marketing technology landscape from, the landscape has grown from 150 companies in 2011 to nearly 4,000 in 2015. That’s huge growth in the number of tools and platforms that support our businesses.
As marketers, we are no longer just the creatives with the catchy headline …

  • We need to be the strategists, creatives, writers, technologists and data scientists to be at the forefront of customer engagement.
  • We need to be savvy and understand how our infrastructure works with the backbone platforms.
  • We need to understand and be able to analyze the vast amount of data and reporting that comes from these systems.
  • We need to show customer engagement and ROI metrics and feed what we learn back into our marketing plans and programs to drive sales.
  • And, finally we need to report this back to the leaders at our companies.

That’s a lot of things we need to be…and, it’s supported by more than one tool in your marketing wallet. It requires a transformation that involves realigning technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers throughout the customer experience life-cycle. To do that, a well-integrated set of scalable tools are essential for meeting your digital transformation goals. These tools not only touch every point in the life-cycle, but also assist in driving a company forward. Whether you use an Adobe, Sitecore or an open-source marketing platform, the message is the same — know your technology and how it can support your business.
The recent introduction of Perficient Digital allows us to offer full-service capabilities designed to adapt to your digital transformation and CX challenges. With the strategic imagination of an agency, unleashed by the deep technical know-how of a consultancy, we are the ideal partner to lead your organization on its digital transformation journey. For proof of this conviction, look no further than our six core disciplines:

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Experience Design
  • Content Studio
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile and Emerging Technologies
  • Experience Platforms

FINAL-PDF-LOGO-2Color_nospacesYou can read more about the marketing technology landscape, architecture, integration tips and strategies by downloading the guide:

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Beth Martin

I work with our emerging solutions practices to ensure we have a powerful marketing strategy, value proposition and lead the go-to-market streams for the emerging partnerships within Perficient. With over 20 years in B2B marketing focusing on software & consulting , I help businesses optimize go-to-market activities including but not limited to strategic planning, messaging, advertising, collateral, events and content.

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