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How to Connect to ODI Repository with External Authentication


When ODI repository is configured for external authentication against WebLogic Server’s embedded LDAP server, we have to place the ODI security files ‘cwallet.sso’ and ‘jps-config-jse.xml’ at appropriate locations.

When external configuration is configured for ODI repository, ‘cwallet.sso’ and ‘jps-config-jse.xml’ files will be generated and placed at <MiddleWare_Home>/user_projects/domains/bifoundation_domain/odi-client-config/embedded


  1. Copy cwallet.sso and jps-config-jse.xml from:
    < MiddleWare_Home>/user_projects/domains/bifoundation_domain/odi-client-config/embedded
  1. Edit ‘odi.conf’ file located at <ODI_Home>/oracledi/client/odi/bin, by default JPS configuration file name is set to ‘./jps-config.xml’ change it to ‘./jps-config-jse.xml’
    Before change
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          After change

         NOTE: If this step is not done, ODI will look for ‘./jps-config.xml’ file instead ‘./jps-config-jse.xml’ and throws error message ‘ODI-10188: Error while login from OPSS<…>/jps-config.xml (No such file or directory).’

3. If the BI Applications Administrator password or any ODI users’ passwords were changed, administrators need to regenerate security files ‘cwallet.sso’, ‘jps-config-jse.xml’ and replace the existing files in all ODI Studio instances.

Regenerating Security Files:

1. Execute the script:

ORACLE_HOME/common/bin/ <MW_Home>/Oracle_ BI1/bifoundation/install/ embedded –ADMIN_USER_NAME <Administrator> –DOMAIN_HOSTNAME <Hostname> –DOMAIN_PORT 7001 –DOMAIN_HOME_ PATH <MW Home>/user_projects/domains/bifoundation_domain Where ADMIN_USER_NAME is the WebLogic Server administrator user.

2. Updated JPS configuration file and credential wallet are created at location:<MW_Home>/user_projects/domains/bifoundation_domain/odi-client-config/embedded

3. Copy these updated files to <ODI_Home>/oracledi/client/odi/bin on all ODI Studio instances.

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