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Who’s at the MUWG in Detroit?

new_logoI meant to post something much earlier and the event is upon us.  Let’s get it started with a little social this evening, followed by a great agenda of sessions and learning!

Don’t miss the Tuesday 8:45 AM General session – Maximo at General Motors, 20+ years of discovery and Process growth for a large Automotive Maintenance Team.

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Lance & Dave will discuss the Maximo path from Version 2.0 to current; 7.1 version.  It started with the corporate decision to use Maximo in 1994.  The implementation team started with 31 diskettes loaded at the users desktop and have gone through many changes on the way.  GM was able to enforce what CMMS solution to use and why.  Challenges included dealing with 11 languages, 6 currencies, 30,000+ users, etc…  This presentation will look at where GM went right & wrong, lessons learned / shared, and the realization that a common process was needed.  These issues sparked a project with a difficult path to a Global Common Process for GM Maintenance.

Hope to see you here!

Click to access Agenda%20Spring%20MUWG%202016-4.0.pdf

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