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Digital Channels Are Critical To Growth In Financial Services


My colleague, Mark Polly, wrote a post on Perficient’s digital transformation blog that highlighted the current state of digital marketing across various industries, including financial services. An infographic from, an Adobe-operated website that offers digital marketing insight for chief marketing officers and senior marketing executives, indicates that digital channels are increasingly influencing product sales and, therefore, commanding more advertising dollars by companies. 

Digital marketing in financial services:

  • In 2015, digital accounted for 29% of all sales across North America and Europe. Financial institutions estimate that number can grow to 38% by 2018.
  • A 2015 survey found that 63% of 200 financial services companies in North America and Europe are planning to spend more money on their digital marketing efforts.
  • 27% of financial service companies said growth was their top digital marketing priority and objective, while 59% said it was one of their top three.

Across all industries, most companies agree that continuous investments in digital need to be made in order to provide customers with what they expect: a good customer experience. And most financial services companies agree that it’s the best way to grow their business and retain customers.

According to eMarketer, a source of information on how to do business in a digital world, ad spending for desktop/laptop consumption is only slightly more than mobile. Among all industries, financial services remains one of the biggest spenders in digital advertising in the US.

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