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From Laptops To Tablets: Eli Lilly Bought 15,000 iPads



Mwandama Mutanuka, a colleague of mine who’s involved in business process management (BPM) projects at Perficient, recently authored a blog post about how enterprise mobility can improve clinical research. He started his piece with news that highlighted Eli Lilly’s purchase of 15,000 iPads for employees, starting a few years back. Now, they’re upgrading to the iPad Pro, the most impressive member of Apple’s current lineup of tablets.

Eli Lilly is part of Apple’s mobility partner program, an initiative the computer giant has with approximately 90 companies, according to a USA TODAY article. Partners in the program provide Apple with feedback on the product in exchange for support and business apps. Apple has been attempting to make a dent in the enterprise space for quite some time, so positive revelations from a very recognizable brand in a highly-regulated industry is a big win for the tech giant. 

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According to a statement that was issued by Eli Lilly, the pharmaceutical company purchased the iPads for its sales staff and certain medical liaison positions. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, said the transition from laptops to tablets has helped boost sales productivity. With tablets in hands, Eli Lilly’s hope is to enhance the company’s interactions with healthcare providers and boost sales, all while trimming costs.

Now I know why Eli Lilly’s Twitter handle is @LillyPad.

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