Quintiles Moves to Office 365: Increasing Productivity

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Quintiles, a biopharmaceutical services organization headquartered in North Carolina, has a global reach that demanded the highest of communication and collaboration standards. Quintiles maintains offices in over 60 countries, and nearly one third of its workforce is mobile. Security is also of the utmost importance, and after realizing the security safeguards Microsoft has established within Office 365, Quintiles moved forward with a rapid deployment of Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype for Business, all in the cloud.
Perficient was excited to see our work on this implementation highlighted in a recent Microsoft case study:

Quintiles coordinated and prioritized the user migrations, and Perficient executed the actual mailbox moves, moving up to 2,200 mailboxes each week—and setting an industry standard—without having an impact on business operations.” — Quintiles Microsoft Customer Story

To learn more about Perficient’s expertise in both the cloud and Office 365, read our latest guides here. To read the full Quintiles Microsoft Customer Story, click the image below.

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