Digital Transformation’s State of Digital Marketing 2016 by Industry, which is published by Adobe, provided an infographic on the state of digital marketing by industry. Although they list only five industries, the insights presented are interesting.  I have linked to the infographic on below.  Here are some interesting tidbits if you don’t have time to look through the infographic right now:

  • Naturally, retailing leads the way in the amount of ad spending.  The spend is split almost in half between desktop devices and mobile devices.
  • It is surprising to me that Financial Services is second on the CMO list of ad spending. Again their ad spend is split almost 50/50.  However, one insight cited in the infographic is that “More advertising dollars are being shifted toward mobile devices to promote financial mobile transaction platforms and to service customers across channels”.
  • Viewing of travel videos peaked between 3 pm and 10 pm.  My question is this: Is that because Youtube is blocked at so many companies, or are we just wanting to view these videos when we can share them with our travel partners?
  • For B2C high tech companies, 60% of online shoppers looked at reviews before deciding to buy.
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2016 State of Digital Marketing Infographic from

2016 State of Digital Marketing Infographic from

2016 State of Digital Marketing Infographic

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