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Adobe Summit 1


Are you excited for Adobe Summit? I know I am!

We’re now down to the last few days before Adobe Summit starts on March 22nd and I’m getting my bags packed.
This year, I’m bringing something new: a video camera! Every day, I’ll be sharing a video of my thoughts, insights and views on what I’ve learned at Adobe Summit. Joining me will be a collection of my colleagues, comerades and partners.
I’ll be posting at least one video a day for the duration of Adobe Summit, so make sure to stay tuned in to get the freshest scoop of industry insights, reactions and the latest news from Adobe Summit.

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Content for Everyone

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Dan is a certified Adobe Digital Marketing Technologist, Architect, and Advisor, having led multiple successful digital marketing programs on the Adobe Experience Cloud. He's passionate about solving complex problems and building innovative digital marketing solutions. Dan is a PMC Member of the Apache Sling project, frequent Adobe Beta participant and committer to ACS AEM Commons, allowing a unique insight into the cutting edge of the Adobe Experience Cloud platform.

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