Franklin Energy Innovates the Energy Rebate Process

Franklin Energy
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Franklin EnergyFranklin Energy is the leader in program administration and implementation for utility clients across the U.S. in both the residential and commercial sectors. Their tag line (and go to market solution for its clients) is energy efficiency.
The company, based in Port Washington, Wisconsin, wanted to simplify and streamline the process for its clients looking to apply for and receive efficiency rebates. There have been many technology innovations throughout the utility and energy industry, but the rebate process was one area where breakthroughs in innovation seemed to be lacking.
Perficient worked with Franklin Energy to build a proprietary portal on Microsoft Azure. The user-friendly portal allowed customers to more easily participate in the rebate programs, find rebates, submit applications, research contractors, and check on project status; all with a reduced chance of error by eliminating paper work and potential human error.
Microsoft AzureThrough the help of the Azure, Perficient and the proprietary portal, Franklin Energy has been able to attract more clients and help spread their vision of using energy more efficiently across all industries.
Learn more about Franklin Energy’s customer portal here¬†and here.

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