Driving Engagement with IBM Connections and Gamifcation
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Driving Engagement with IBM Connections and Gamification

The webinar combines one of my favorite speakers, Luis Benitze, with a topic that has been core to me for some years now: business collaboration and specifically IBM Connections. Luis is teaming up with Badgeville, a business partner focused on gamification and driving additional user engagement.

IBM has been focused how work is changing and how it can change further. This infographic comes from the research done by outside, independent thought leaders. This IBM site is where IBM is driving the discussion with the #NewWaytoWork hashtag. There are a variety of assets from ebooks to the ever present blogs and I encourage you to spend some time on the site. Based on the research, there are compelling reasons with a strong ROI to changing employee’s behavior. futurists-insights-series-collaboration-communication-3-638

My experience is that gamification requires thoughtful planning . One needs to ensure that the desired behavior that is being supported by the challenges and goals in the gamification product. I’ve seen some cases where the activities promoted superficial use vs. changing how colleagues interact. From my perspective, utilizing Organizational Change Management (OCM) practitioners in with both deploying a social tool and gamification is a natural combinations. I have unfortunately seen social deployments that focused on training users on how to use the platform, treating it as another IT project. I believe that the why of social is more important than the how and OCM can ensure that the reason for change is clearly communicated.

Here is the registration link to tomorrow’ webinar with Luis and Badgeville. Whether you are an IBM customer or not, I am sure there will be great information on how to engage employees and drive additional value for your company.

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