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Change Management: Is It Worth the Investment?

shutterstock_197697644When I hear the words change management, my mind immediately thinks of the scene in Office Space where the employees meet with the consultants (“The Bobs”) to answer their question: “What would you say you do here?”
All joking aside – change management is often misunderstood. After listening to a recent podcast about the subject, I now see the benefit, especially when companies go to great lengths to implement new technologies that improve their business. If your people aren’t ready, the results can be disastrous.
According to CEB:

  • Employees suffering from change-related stress perform 5% worse than the average employee.
  • For the average company, this 5% translates to $32.5 million lost for every $1 billion of revenue.

Jason Thomas, host of the Hard Way MBA, interviews David Chapman, our technology change management adviser at Perficient, to reveal how preparing people for organization-wide technological changes results in successful implementations.
Listen to the first podcast in the series to learn more.

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Stephanie Gallina, Senior Manager, Microsoft + CXC Partner Marketing

Stephanie has more than 15 years' experience in marketing communications, leading and executing marketing strategies for corporate and non-profit organizations. She elevates the awareness of relevant digital solution topics and thought leadership for Perficient.

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