Trending: Employing Mobile Applications In Research
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Trending: Employing Mobile Applications In Research



According to Google, people are now performing more Google searches on their mobile phones than on their computers. This statistic reiterates the fact that all life sciences companies should ramp up their mobile initiatives to reach subjects and patients through the channels they use most. 

While Apple’s ResearchKit platform began shedding light on the ways in which mobile devices can be used for research, the development of mobile applications to further R&D will significantly increase in 2016. Pharmaceutical companies can gather data in real-time, assess a patient’s condition, and even provide therapy for certain medical conditions, all via a mobile device. Good examples include Roche’s app that evaluates the severity of a patient’s Parkinson’s disease, and Pfizer’s Moodigo app that enables users to track and share their mood via social media.

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