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Cloud Trend #6: Accelerate Innovation with Cloud Apps


Apps have quickly transformed the way your customers interact with your products and services in a digital world. Apps are also the conduit to the experts and information your employees need in order to take action. The rapid pace of digital change means businesses don’t have the luxury of time on their side and need to react quickly.

To meet new business demands, you need a flexible platform that gives you the agility to deliver the apps your end users need and reduces dependence on spreadsheets and stale business processes – all while driving greater ROI out of your existing Salesforce investment. App Cloud manages the hardware, software, upgrades, and more, so you can focus on building apps quickly.

If you’re in the Portland area on March 9 at Hotel Vintage, come join us and Salesforce, for an afternoon of discussion about the rapidly evolving “app economy” that’s creating demand for modern apps to drive productivity and reduce operational waste. There will be a short demo of Salesforce App Cloud, along with some common use cases we’re seeing, best practices for development from our Salesforce experts, and of course some real-world success stories from some of our clients like Trend Micro and Palo Alto.

If you’re not in the Portland area, that’s OK. I’d encourage you to download our recent digital transformation guide for Salesforce, to see how you can make the power of apps work for your business. Digital Transformation with Salesforce guide

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