Adding Namespaces in Output After Generating Typetree from WSDL


This post will show you how to add namespaces in the output card for a wtx map after generating a typetree from WSDL.

Requisites for Development.

  1. WTX Design Studio
  2. WSDL

Steps to implement:

1.Take a WSDL file and keep it in your workspace location. Import a Type tree from WSDL.


2.Mention the file path of the WSDL for which we want to create Type tree.


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3.Click Next. Make sure you will not get any errors.


Click Finish.

Now the type tree is generated.

4.Create an Output card and give the type tree which we have generated.


5.Go to RespAttrs AttList and add Index for Xmlns XMLS(s).


6.Go to RespAttrs AttList and add Index for Xmlns XMLS(s).


Now we can populate namespaces for the end result.



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