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The Facebook Dislike Button Has Arrived (Sort Of)

Facebook Dislike
If you have been on Facebook this morning, you may have noticed a small change, but one that has been requested for years.
The dislike button has arrived!
Over the years, the dislike button has been one of the most requested features. There have been rumors for quite some time, but this morning, Facebook quietly introduced six reactions to express your level of like (or dislike.)
facebook reactions
Facebook users can now choose between the newly designed thumbs up, love, haha, wow, sadness and anger. I think these will help us to convey how we really feel without, you know, actually saying anything.
I got married. (LOVE)
My dog died. (SADNESS)
I accidentally grabbed the diaper cream instead of the toothpaste (HAHA? WOW?)
The new Facebook emoji are one small step for Facebook and one giant leap for angry people everywhere.

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