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#HIMSS16 Perspective: Interview with Martin Sizemore, CDO


sizemoreToday’s #HIMSS16 Perspective is from Martin Sizemore (@MartinSizemore). Martin is the Chief Data Officer (CDO) at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC. The Chief Data Officer (CDO) is the visionary executive responsible for providing technical and strategic leadership for the enterprise Business Intelligence and Data Management program. The CDO chairs the enterprise Business Intelligence and Data Analytics committee consisting of Planning, Finance, Operations, Research, and ITS. The CDO has direct responsibility for the following functions: Business Intelligence Governance, Data Management – EDW & Databases, Reporting & Analytics, Interfaces, Data Architecture, and Healthcare Information Exchanges.

What are you looking forward to most?
: I am looking forward to catching up with my friends, kicking off a new user group and talking with some new vendors at HIMSS. It is a great networking event.

What trends/topics do you anticipate will be a focus at HIMSS?
: I would not be surprised if Population Health Management is a topic, but I would prefer Personalized Medicine. I will be chasing down Big Data as a topic as well. With MU3 on the horizon, interoperability should be at the top of the agenda.


If you could give one piece of advice to a first-time HIMSS attendee what would it be?
MARTIN: First-time attendees at HIMSS should enjoy the experience and not try to do too many events because it can be overwhelming. I would always say to wander the vendor areas, keep an eye on social media and don’t miss the social events in the evening despite tired feet.

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