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3 things to remember in the EXPO center at InterConnect 2016



1 – Pay attention as you’re moving around the EXPO center and notice where you are. The rows and booths all start to look a like. The good news is for the most part the type of product / services being offered are in the same general area, so that should help you find what you’re looking for. Have “quick” conversations with the people you want to talk with so you have time to visit all the different booths. You can always go back ShowFloorfor more… Don’t forget to explore new areas outside of Maximo (if that’s your focus) and something you might know nothing about; it can be fun, rewarding and educational.

2 – Stay energized / hydrated. It’s the desert and it’s dry, don’t forget to drink water even if you probably don’t feel like it or would rather have another one of your favorite libations (or whatever your “poison” is). Dehydration happens quickly and if you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated and the good news is there are water dispensers located throughout the EXPO center this year! Snacks are available from time to time too, so don’t forget to eat so you have the energy to walk around and walk and walk some more.

3 – Enjoy the time. Mingle with fellow customers, business partners, IBMers and get to know someone new. Share stories, experiences, suggestions that help all of us learn and improve. Say hello to the people handing out the chotskies, because it can be a lonely job standing there all day if they don’t get to say a few words to you as you grab and go… Don’t forget, you probably came here with a full piece of luggage or two. I respect the “I’ll grab one for the kids,” however, that bag might be overflowing when you leave, so don’t over do it (not that I’ve ever done this… haha)

Be sure to visit booth 364 for a chance to win “the Droid you’ve been looking for.”

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