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A Sound Taxonomy Needs Planning

Concept Model of a Kitchen Taxonomy

Concept Model of a Kitchen Taxonomy

Last September, I published an article on Boxes and Arrows about the benefits of a sound taxonomy and its ROI in a website redesign project. In this follow-up of the “Taxonomy of Spices and Pantries” series, I walk through the planning questions of scoping a taxonomy project:

Planning a taxonomy covers the same questions as planning any UX project. Understanding the users and their tasks and needs is a foundation for all things UX.  This article will go through the questions you should consider when planning a kitchen, er, um…, a taxonomy project.

Read the full article on Planning a Taxonomy Project.

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Grace Lau

Grace is an Information Architect at Perficient's Experience Design agency, PerficientXD in drought-ridden, sun-baked Southern California. She received her MLIS from UCLA, where her graduate portfolio focused on information-seeking behavior in online communities, gaming, and communities of practice. Since then, she has 9 years experience working in-house and as a consultant doing both strategic and tactical design. She has worked on large intranets and websites, eCommerce and search systems, a content management system, and a mobile app.

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