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Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and the High Value of a URL

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Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, URL
With campaign season in full-swing, campaign strategists have a lot on their plates. Surprises happen. Blunders happen. It can all be very chaotic.
But what happens when your campaign forgets to secure the domain name of your candidate?
Head on over to and find out, because it just happened to him.
Throughout his campaign, Jeb Bush has been using as his campaign website. Even though this was the domain name they chose, it is still a best practice to secure every other possible variation of a domain¬†so that it doesn’t get snatched up by someone you don’t want to have it. In this case, that someone is Donald Trump’s campaign.
Anyone who goes to is automatically redirected to
Dirty politics or politics as usual? Either way, there is one takeaway from the current situation.
Secure. Your. URLs.

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