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Cloud Trend #4: Engaging Your Online Community of Customers

We do a lot of blogging about online or digital communities here at Perficient. Why is that? We firmly believe that communities are the backbone for creating the next-generation digital experience. As you think about your organization’s digital transformation, and how you can extend the power of Salesforce’s CRM and cloud platform to enhance the customer experience, Community Cloud is a perfect fit for exploring new opportunities to transform into a digital business and connect with your customers in a whole new way. Innovative brands are dreaming up new ways to utilize the product every day to boost sales, reduce service costs, fuel product innovation, and increase customer satisfaction.

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How Our Customers are Using Online Communities to Enhance Their Digital Transformation

In my last cloud and digital transformation trends blog post, I talked about self-service as a trend that’s part of delivering a connected service experience. But tie self-service to your customer community and – BOOM – you now have a transformational digital experience that spans both marketing and service! So what is a self-service community exactly and how can I use one to accelerate my digital transformation? I’ll leave that up to one of our Salesforce Community Cloud experts, Kara Allen, to explain as she does so well covering the basics in this blog post about optimizing your self-service community.

Digital Experience

Let’s get to the exciting part and talk about how some of our customers are using Community Cloud as a means to enable self-service to enhance the digital customer experience.

The possibilities are really endless with Community Cloud! For one client, we built-in capabilities for social using Chatter to enable peer-to-peer support and the use of a public knowledgebase — you can get more out of your Salesforce investment and meet digital transformation objectives to satisfy marketing, sales and, service goals through the use of a self-service community.

Explore more ways to unlock the power of Salesforce by downloading our digital guide, 8 Ways to Jumpstart Digital Transformation with Salesforce.

Digital Transformation with Salesforce guide

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