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A “Great Ride” Working in Perficient’s IBM Cloud and DevOps Practice

Perficient-IBM-Cloud-Devops-Experience-350-road-2Nandakumar Kuthalaraja has an impressive resume. He’s come away with extensive knowledge and proven results working across Java and .NET software platforms in his half decade of professional experience.
But his career-growth opportunities really started to take off when he became a Senior Technical Consultant in Perficient’s IBM Cloud and DevOps practice in 2015.
“The amount of skills I have gotten to use in the past couple months is nearly quadruple what I have gained myself in my half decade of work experience,” he said. “It’s been 5 months of a great ride for me at Perficient.”
More on Nandakumar’s experience:
What is it like to work in Perficient’s IBM Cloud and DevOps practice?
Working in this practice gives me the feeling of “being in the nucleus” of the change that is happening in today’s ever-evolving IT landscape. The good thing about it is you are learning things as quickly as they come into the market. It makes you feel as though you’re back in college.
What does a typical workday look like for you?
My days include evaluating existing legacy applications, analyzing various design considerations for effective cloud transformations and learning from mistakes. I work on new implementations/cloud applications using available technologies and making technology demonstrators for clients. I also collaborate and share my findings with senior directors and architects.
How have you grown your technology skills while at Perficient?
I have had tremendous exposure to new skills and an abundance of opportunities to develop them. There’s Docker, Cloud Foundry, Node.js, GO, IBM Bluemix, IBM Watson, Microservices, Netflix OSS, Drop Wizard, and Spring Cloud – to name a few.
How have you used your technology skills on certain projects?
I had the opportunity to work on a project for a major healthcare client that involved evaluating the company’s transformation of legacy applications to the private cloud utilizing Cloud Foundry and IBM Bluemix services and making them fully compatible to the cloud.
I also worked on the company’s evaluation of IBM Bluemix in various aspects involving Docker Containers, Microservices compatibility, Cloud Foundry Applications, IBM Watson Personality Insights, etc. I worked on demonstrators to evaluate the development of a new era mobile application with a push in IBM Cloud utilizing its catalog of services.
Nanda-Quote-Perficient-IBM-Cloud-PracticeWhat makes your position exciting?
The uncertainty in predicting the technologies I will learn and my upcoming work. Working on tight schedules with lot of traveling. Interacting with lots of colleagues and experiencing collaboration and innovation.
What are the opportunities for career growth in the Cloud and DevOps field?
With the large traction of global Fortune companies moving away from their traditional capital operation models to cloud-based ones, there are major opportunities to work with the world’s top companies. Ever-growing innovations in the field enhance our chances for professional growth with innovative knowledge and new technology offerings.

The Sky’s the Limit

Nandakumar is a great example of a consultant taking advantage of the many opportunities in Perficient’s IBM Cloud and DevOps practice.

“This is an area that is exploding with new technology and approaches,” said Joel Thimsen, Director.

Joel encourages consultants to cross-train and expose themselves to new technologies.
“In a short time, Nandakumar has picked up many new skills and contributed in a large way to our client engagements as well as internal projects supporting client pursuits and POCs.
“Nandakumar approaches any new challenge with energy and excitement. It makes him a valuable team member as he’s always looking to expand his technical skill set, tackle new products and technology aggressively, and then share what he’s learned with the broader team.”

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