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5 Reasons to Go to Las Vegas for InterConnect Feb 21-25, 2016


1. Depending on where you live / work, the weather might be better than your current location. Why not take a break from the cold / snow and enjoy some warmer dessert temps? Then again, some have those temps where they live, so surely there are other reasons to travel to Vegas.

2. InterConnect is a huge event taking up two conference centers; both the MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay have sessions throughout the day. Learn what your peers are doing, what IBM is planning or has recently released and possibly pick up a new skill.

3. Don’t forget about the huge Expo center where you can network with others, meet new friends and learn from someone else’s questions at the demo/knowledge booths. The products and knowledge at these booths can really help with unanswered questions and possibly answer some new unthought-of questions. Visit me and the rest of the Perficient team at booth 364!

4. Networking events are more opportunities to meet others and make new friends. Many companies and business partners host different receptions; have you been invited? Enjoy a drink, snack, food, some sweets and mingle.

5. This event isn’t just about Maximo or Asset Management; there are lots of other things to learn about as you gain new skills and contacts.

Don’t forget to download the app so you can setup a schedule, allow others to see you and swap contact information.

Click here to setup the mobile app…

Hope to see you there!

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