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Super Bowl 50: Big Night for Denver, Not So Grand for Brands

It’s the day after the big game. The Denver Broncos are still bathing in Super Bowl victory, but what about the advertisers? Some might feel like this CMO.
Yes, the brands who advertise during the Super Bowl have the budgets pay for a captive audience of 115+ million viewers. But does it make sense to spend upwards of $4 to $5 million for a :30 spot? And will this content help them drive business across other channels?
When it comes to a major marketing spend, the odds aren’t necessarily stacked against you, as long as you have a strategy.
Remember the Oreo whisper fight ad from the 2013 Super Bowl? Nabisco clearly planned to take this to Instagram, but instead the brand’s social media team took advantage of an opportunity no one could predict – the lights going out at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome for 34 minutes.
When Oreo released its Twitter ad proclaiming “You can still dunk in the dark,” it won the marketing competition of the 2013 Super Bowl hands-down. So how did Oreo pull it off?
Just three years ago, viewers of major sporting events were already interacting on a second screen using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Taking this into account, Oreo had a 15-person social media team at the ready to respond in real-time to significant events during the Super Bowl. It was an investment that paid off, garnering more attention than the expensive Super Bowl ad.
But what if your business doesn’t play on the same field as Nabisco or Anheuser-Busch? The CMO in the commercial for Adobe Marketing Cloud said it best: “Look at the data. Look at the data before going all in.”
Marketing in 2016 must be heavily targeted across all channels – digital in particular – and driven by data. In fact, 53% of organizations stated that data-driven marketing is their top priority this year.
With insights from data comes more tailored and timely content sought by customers, which ultimately improves the overall experience across channels.
Make sure you’re not putting it all on the line with your marketing budget. For ideas on where to start, download Digital Transformation: Laying the Groundwork for Success.

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Stephanie Gallina, Senior Manager, Microsoft + CXC Partner Marketing

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