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Pfizer’s New Mobile App Attempts To Tackle Medication Adherence



If you’re familiar with our blog, you’ll know that we talk a lot about digital transformation; specifically, how life sciences organizations are leveraging digital technology to support their programs. 

Not surprisingly, Pfizer is no stranger to the digital space. We’ve highlighted several of their efforts here, including their Growing Old campaign and Moodigo mobile app. One of the pharmaceutical giant’s newest efforts is Pfizer Meds, an app that includes functionality to improve medication adherence. According to the description on Google Play, Pfizer Meds is meant for patients taking the company’s prescription medications and offers the following features:

  • Scan or enter the barcode on your Pfizer prescription medicine pack to access information about the medicine
  • View an image of the Pfizer prescription medicine pack and, for some medicines, the actual image of the medicine
  • Hear the pronunciation of your Pfizer prescription medicine
  • Watch videos and read information that may help you understand how to correctly take or use your Pfizer prescription medicine and/or better understand your medical condition
  • Set reminders to take your Pfizer prescription medicine as instructed by your doctor
  • Keep a log of your Pfizer prescription medicines
  • Access the current Consumer Medicine Information for your Pfizer prescription medicine
  • Contact Pfizer Australia’s Medical Information service if you have a medical inquiry regarding your medicine or would like to report an adverse event

According to Pfizer, the app is currently available in Australia, China, India, and Korea, and is being piloted in other countries. It’s also important to note that the current version of the app does not support all of Pfizer’s products.

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