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What Separates Digital Transformation Leaders from Laggards?

shutterstock_204774604_350We all know it’s a time of rapid change for businesses – the number of articles on digital transformation and rationale for change are in the news constantly.

B2B and B2C companies are realizing that embarking on strategic, transformational change, where all focus is around the customer, is not an option. It is a necessity to be a successful company. Yet, the digital transformation initiative is creating wider gaps between leaders and the laggards and there are some predictions that this gap is widening.

Companies that are focused on modernizing the systems that create, deliver and sustain the customer experience extend far into the enterprise. And, successful companies are more agile and have a solid vision, strategy architecture, technology, and culture to transform their organizations. However, just as many companies are successful, there are some companies that struggle with the magnitude of change that they face.

On Thursday, Feb 11 at 1:00 CT, special guest Nigel Fenwick a vice president and principal analyst covering digital business strategy with Forrester Research, Inc. and our own digital transformation strategist, Michel Porter will discuss common barriers to digital transformation and provide insight for how to overcome them.

Register for the webinar today and learn how successful companies have:

  1. Overcome functional silos and resource scarcity
  2. Manage segregated data
  3. Address technical budgets that are in a downward spiral
  4. Move from a product-centered to a customer-centered approach to business
  5. Eliminate the barriers between information technology and business

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