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Digital Pill To Track Patients With Hypertension



Last year, I wrote about Proteus, the company behind the FDA-cleared ingestible sensor that helps monitor patients’ adherence to medication. At that time, the company was running clinical trials in the US, whereas in 2012, the company’s platform was already deployed in the UK. 

Well, good news. On January 11, 2016, Proteus announced that it will implement its Proteus Discover platform for the first time in the United States, on a commercial level. The partner? Barton Health, a health system based in the Lake Tahoe area, will leverage the combination of an ingestible sensor/pill and wearable sensor to obtain data from patients with uncontrolled and co-morbid hypertension. The healthcare provider will have access to a digital dashboard that will inform them about a patient’s ability to adhere to medication intake instructions, as well as other critical data points that can help guide better treatment regimens.

In a company press release, Barton Health CEO Dr. Clint Purvance commented:

“Patients struggle with medication adherence for various reasons. When a non-adherent patient is not seeing results and the physician believes a patient is taking a medication, this may lead to unnecessary changes in treatment which can be costly for the patient and the health system. This new product offering provides a data-driven communication channel between the medical provider and the patient that empowers the patient to take the appropriate dose of medication and better understand the importance of daily activity levels and other lifestyle changes.”

It is also worth noting that Proteus is directly integrated with InForm, an electronic data capture (EDC) system from Oracle.

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