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Cloud Trend #2: Sell Smarter, Sell Faster

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We all know the benefits of sales force automation and the need for a CRM system to manage your business. However, the future of CRM for your sales organization goes well beyond just managing your contacts and entering leads and opportunities. It’s about having the tools and the technologies at your fingertips to help you sell smarter and faster.

High-performing sales teams today are having to keep pace with customers’ changing expectations and are turning to new strategies like analytics, mobile, and other digital and cloud technologies to improve productivity and boost performance. At the same time, not much has changed when it comes to sales objectives. According to Salesforce Research, 80% of sales leaders reported acquiring new customers as their top goal, with growing the value of existing customers (55%) and creating deeper customer relationships (46%) as the other top two priorities.

To accomplish these three objectives and more, Salesforce has made a lot of advancements in recent months to make Sales Cloud a more powerful, intelligent tool for customers, including:

  • Launching the new Lightning Experience back in August. In case you haven’t developed a game plan to roll it out in your Salesforce org, here’s a great blog post to get you started.
  • Announcing SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud and SMBs to help sellers stay focused on sales activities instead of data entry
  • Launching Salesforce Engage to help sales and marketing teams work together to sell more effectively

While I could spend a lot more time on all the great new features or how sales teams are staying ahead of the curve, I’d rather point you to our new Salesforce guide with tips for existing Sales Cloud customers, real-world stories from some of our top customers, along with 8 ways to jumpstart digital transformation with Salesforce.

Digital Transformation with Salesforce guide

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