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Cancer “Moonshot” Focuses on Technology and Data

Vice President Biden's Roadmap to His Cancer Moonshot

It is no surprise that the roadmap for Vice President Biden’s Cancer “Moonshot” revolves around technology and data sharing. As part of his cancer “moonnshot”, Vice President Joe Biden pledged to work to increase cancer research resources and improve coordination across the research community. In a recent post on Medium , Biden said breaking down silos will be the primary focus.

“The Federal government will do everything it possibly can — \0x200Athrough funding, targeted incentives, and increased private-sector coordination\0x200A — \0x200Ato support research and enable progress,” Biden wrote.

Biden and his team plan to work with the nation’s leading cancer centers and encourage technology companies to facilitate the sharing of clinical data.

“The science is ready,” Biden wrote in the post. “Several cutting-edge areas of research and care\0x200A — \0x200Aincluding cancer immunotherapy, genomics, and combination therapies\0x200A — could be revolutionary. Innovations in data and technology offer the promise to speed research advances and improve care delivery.”

One of the challenges is that the data is stuck in silos preventing faster progress. As Biden said, “It’s not just about developing game-changing treatments\0x200A — \0x200Ait’s about delivering them to those who need them.”

For more the Cancer “Moonshot” check out my colleague, Eugene Sefanov’s recent post and Vice President Biden’s original post.

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