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Agility: The Future of Retail – NRF 2016

ANRF2s we are half way through day 2 at NRF, large crowds are grazing through the expo halls while innovative speakers are educating attendees on top trends and imperative solutions that are driving the retail industry this year. As the retail industry moves fast and furious, businesses must not only improve customer experience and drive innovative products but be agile and adaptable. Agility was a key component discussed among sessions the first day of the show.
The digital age has revolutionized the retail industry and with that organizations must evolve their strategies for experimenting, designing and operating their businesses (both physical and digital) as well.
Here are a few key points from this session:
Biggest challenge:

  • Moving stores from a large “set” to a more living, fluid space

How can an organization be agile?

  • In order to be agile, one has to operationally change – starting with the top of the chain of command: Boardroom all the way to the shelf.
  • It’s a state of mind and a cultural shift that will impact the tactical operations
  • Comfort with Risk
  • Accept failure as part of a natural change/Fail Fast
  • Steer away from pursuits of perfection

How will retail be different in the future?

  • Retail will be either: Smooth, uneventful, unemotional, and frictionless

Smooth, uneventful, unemotional, and frictionless
Deeply engaging, rewarding, memorable and experiential

  • Leading organizations will embrace and adopt both!

We will be posting more from NRF as the show goes on! Come visit us at booth #1024. Check out more information on NRF!

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