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Sharing our retail success stories at NRF 2016

Strategy and Consulting - The Digital Essentials, Part 2
The Digital Essentials, Part 2

A compelling digital strategy finds a balance between maintaining what you already offer while providing new, disruptive ideas that will get you to next level, hold off competition, and entice new customers. We present five digital essentials to help you rise to the challenge.

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nrfMoody’s recently upgraded its retail forecast to a 5.3% growth rate in 2016, almost double the growth rate in the last few years.
We’ve done a lot for retail companies in the past two years to plan for this growth and evolve and improve their systems to accommodate it.
Because we are so focused on helping our clients deliver the best possible experience to their customers, we are thrilled to exhibit at Retail’s BIG Show, NRF 2016. At the booth, we’ll be telling the stories about how we:

  • Transformed service operations into a complete system of engagement for one organization and storage retailer
  • Improved workflow efficiency and accountability for a leading big-box retailer
  • Established analytics and dashboards for critical financial tracking and reporting for a leading beauty supplier
  • In-sourced eCommerce and fulfillment operations for a clothing retailer and manufacturer to reach record sales
  • Reduced site abandonment and improved search functionality to enhance a major shipping and logistics company’s digital experience
  • Enabled omni-channel customer service and produced a 360-degree view of customers for an outdoor apparel company
  • Implemented an eCommerce platform that enabled digital transformation for a leading retail giant
  • Enabled global expansion for a clothing company by delivering a seamless customer experience
  • Provided a single view of the business for a multi-channel retailer and nutritional products manufacturer to reduce costs and increase sales

Find us at Booth #1024, and learn about what we’re building with some of the leading retailers in 2016 to enhance the customer journey.
Learn more about what we’re planning in our blog post here.

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