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My Experience Working in Perficient’s Salesforce Practice

Growing your career at Perficient

The past few months have been an exciting adventure, since starting my career at Perficient as an Associate Business Consultant. I am working out of the San Francisco office, where I am a proud member of our growing Salesforce practice. At Perficient, having a voice in the industry as a thought leader and giving everyone an opportunity to develop their personal brand is highly encouraged, so in thinking about how best to share my new experiences – what better way to do so than on our Salesforce blog, right?

Starting My Journey at Perficient

My first few weeks at Perficient consisted of getting to know others around the office; and also getting familiar with the corporate culture and our Salesforce delivery methodology. During this time, I cannot speak more highly of the individuals I have met at Perficient thus far. I firmly believe everyone’s unique project experiences, professional skills and genuine concern for one another’s success truly makes Perficient unique from other consulting companies. Michael Morris

What has intrigued me the most about my experience to date at Perficient is the amount of knowledge I have gained in such a very short amount of time. Salesforce expertise and consultative skills are no easy task to learn! Perficient has a very effective approach to on-boarding employees who are entirely new to either of these two areas. Our hands-on approach includes assigned mentors I meet with regularly, project shadowing, and an open door policy with anyone in the office for questions and support. Together, these on-the-job experiences have provided a great learning environment, and demonstrates how much trust Perficient puts in its employees.

One of the Salesforce projects I have worked on was for a advertising technology company that engaged us to help them use the Community Cloud platform as a self-service community for support and customer engagement. A lot of configuration was needed to address some very unique business processes around how cases were logged and assigned. I learned a lot about the customer’s support operations and got to see first-hand how to stand up a completely custom online community for a customer in just five weeks – which is pretty impressive. I had the opportunity to work with our Salesforce developers and the experience design team working on the UI which gave me a chance to interact and work with coworkers possessing different skill sets.

Positioning Myself for Future Advancement

I’ve quickly learned the ability to apply these four basic skills has enabled me to maximize my desired knowledge and grow my professional skill set quickly at Perficient:

  • be an active listener
  • embrace Perficient’s wealth of knowledge and delivery documentation
  • continue to set personal goals, and
  • don’t be afraid to ask for help

I look forward to what the future holds for me at Perficient. I could not be more proud of our Salesforce practice, the team of talented professionals I work with every day, and the sucess we deliver to our customers with Salesforce. For more “day in the life of” being an employee at Perficient, a few of my coworkers and recent hires volunteered to be interviewed over on our Life at Perficient blog. Check out what we had to say about the future of Salesforce careers, learn about our company’s commitment to philanthropy, and why “the sky’s the limit” at Perficient!


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