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Year in Review – Top 10 Healthcare Guides & Webinars of 2015

Top 10 Healthcare Guides and Webinars of 2015


We have compiled a list of the top 10 healthcare content assets of 2015. If you haven’t downloaded these valuable information assets you may want to do it now. Check them out below:


#10. Guide7 Features of a Market-Driven Patient Portal
As healthcare reform and transformation advances, providers will seek new ways to engage patients and influence behavior using connected health and will increasingly look for more advanced solutions that are proven to consistently motivate sustained behavioral change. These solutions are referred to as “Patient Portal 2.0.”


#9. GuidePrecision Medicine in Life Sciences and Healthcare
Treating disease has long entailed much trial and error: Start with a commonly prescribed medication and see if it works; if not, adjust the dosage and/or try different medicines until you figure out an effective solution. Trial and error can be damaging to patients’ bodies and psyches, as well as costly for insurance companies, and can lead to dissatisfaction with and distrust toward physicians and drug companies.


#8. On-Demand WebinarLeveraging Technology to Empower Patients and Reduce Healthcare Costs
Telehealth, once reserved for the chronically ill, is now being used to drive increased revenue by creating services that scale beyond traditional geographic boundaries. In this webinar, Perficient and KP OnCall discuss how telehealth is impacting healthcare and how the nation’s leading telehealth provider is leveraging innovative technologies to meet business objectives.


#7. GuideHow to Enable Value-Based Care and Clinical Integration with Epic Cogito
We examine support for a value-based care initiative via the build out of IT enablers that leverage the native capabilities of Epic, such as Cogito, Epic’s data warehouse, Healthy Planet, Identity, and Radar in addition to other Epic and non-Epic analytics tools.


#6. On-Demand WebinarIBM Watson Content Analytics: Discover Hidden Value in Your Unstructured Data
We demonstrate how to extract insights from unstructured data to increase the accuracy of healthcare decisions with IBM Watson Content Analytics. Leveraging years of experience from hundreds of physicians, IBM has developed tools and healthcare accelerators that allow you to quickly gain insights from this “new” data source and correlate it with the structured data to provide a more complete picture.


#5. GuideTop 10 Connected Health Trends for 2015
As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, consumers remain at the center of the transformation. Consumer engagement continues to be a high-priority for healthcare organizations and connected health tools are the key to empowering healthcare consumers. In this guide, we will take a look at the top 10 connected health trends for 2015.


#4. On-Demand WebinarA Real Retail Strategy for Healthcare
With a focus on providing high-quality, lower-cost care, the healthcare industry has been looking to the retail industry for strategies used to engage and empower consumers. Lessons learned include how to use the retail setting as a medium for providing care and how to engage consumers outside of the care setting by using technology.


#3. GuideGearing Up for 2015: 10 Technology Trends Impacting Healthcare
Technology is a major player in the dynamic healthcare environment, and organizations are increasing their health IT budgets to adapt to the “new” industry. Having the right technology in place can enhance patient experience, help meet regulatory requirements and provide key insights that reduce costs and improve outcomes.


#2. On-Demand WebinarHow Northwestern Medicine is Leveraging Epic Cogito to Enable Value-Based Care
Our webinar covered how Cadence Health, now part of Northwestern Medicine, is leveraging the native capabilities of Epic to manage their population health initiatives and value-based care relationships across the continuum of care.


#1. Guide10 Healthcare Analytics Trends for 2016
In this guide, we take a look at ten analytics trends healthcare executives need to be thinking about in 2016 and beyond. We identify technology strategies and solutions that will help healthcare organizations succeed in a data-driven, digital world.


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